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From an article written by a CMSgt - Author unknown - Good Words!

How To Get More Mileage With Personnel Maintenance Anti-Knock Compounds
Nobody likes a knocker. When you run a subordinate down, you degrade both yourself and your shop. Accentuate the positive patter and eliminate the negative nonsense. If you disregard this principle of people maintenance, you may soon face a big rebuilding job. People react whichever way they're treated-like jewels or jerks.

Lubrication And Oil Change
There is something complimentary you can say to each person in your shop. Compliments are the lubricants and oils that mix your people into an efficient and well functioning unit interested in furthering your objectives. More than anything else, people like to be complimented on their good works and efforts.

Steering Mechanism
Solicit your worker's help in setting goals you want to achieve. Make them feel they have something to do with making decisions. Make them active in charting passages to success.

Regular Or Premium
Be profoundly interested in each person and convey the feeling in him or her that you care for them as individuals. Your concern is the finest fuel - it will accelerate the growth of your individual. This is one place that premium fuel costs no more than regular but takes you a lot further.

Motor Overhaul
Don't ask a willing person to do too much or he or she will soon suffer from piston "poop out". Distribute the tasks among as many people as possible. This way each person motor will give greater service and is less likely to misfire when needed most.

Give willing and hard working people an occasional respite from shop projects and they will bounce back, rejuvenated and full of new ideas. With this tune-up they will be ready and able to when a burst of speed is needed.

Quick Battery Charge
Give people frequent jolts of enthusiasm to spark them during projects. Arouse their spirits, inspire their hearts, and capture their energies for your goals.

Show Your Appreciation
Warmly and often it cuts down on depreciation. Service your people fully and faithfully, then watch them operate for your shop on an open throttle.


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