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Congratulations to TSgt Glenn Sivells, AF Logistics Readiness Instructor of the Year!

SSgt Jose Hernandez from 49 MMSS, Holloman AFB NM, proudly displays his earned reward during the 2006 Bataan Death March where he marched 26.2 miles carrying 35+ miles. OWWEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

McConnells finest leaving for BC3 (again). L-R: SSgt Grogan, SrA Mason, SSgt Stevens, SrA Roberts, AIC Dickerson and SrA Miget. Good luck guys - maybe I'll see you at graduation from BC3.

Don't want to scare you troops, but just look at SMSgt Deane, RAF Lakenheath, as he arrived at his destination after BC3! You look a little tired there buddy!


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