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I am a retired Vehicle Operator who now works at the Pavements section at F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming.

I spent half of my Air Force career in the United Kingdom, 3 years at RAF Mildenhall (76-79) and seven

years at RAF Bentwaters (84-91), along with time at Grissom AFB, and Grand Forks AFB. I enjoy seeing

all of the pictures in the OPS talk. I knew TSGT(ret) Kennedy from Bentwaters. Very happy-go-lucky

person. I have enclosed a pic of the semi tractor that I drive out in the missile field at F.E. Warren. (Still Truckin)

I would be grateful if you could publish it and I would like to hear from former Vehicle Operators that

were stationed with me. Thanks!

Bob Dunn, TSgt(RET)

F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming


Check this out.

Beautiful wood products from the talented hands of One of our own.

Steven T. Lounsbury

Just wanted to share a picture of my wife Brandi and I's CCAF graduation picture. (She graduated in the same class as well for Medical Administration, but separated this past May.) I graduated for Transportation (naturally)and wanted to share this with the rest of our trucker family.


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